In an attempt to escape the drama that seems to consume her life, Lynette moves in with her cousin Janae.  Janae and her two friends Faith and Keisha quickly allow her into their clique and together they try to keep her focused. Everything is going well, and Lynette has stuck to her plans, that’s until she meets Tony aka King Zoo.


Tony is the leader of the infamous Zoo Crew. They were just little kids in the neighborhood running around wreaking havoc until they were given an opportunity of a lifetime. An opportunity that not only put them in a position to make more than money than they’d ever seen, but it would catapult their celebrity in every hood around them.


After what feels like a lifetime of struggle, they finally have everything they’d ever dreamt of. Nothing is forbidden and everything is at their disposal. For once in their lives, their up, but true to the laws of gravity what goes up must come down.

We Made Love In the 80's

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